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At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC we provide quality legal services through the development of meaningful relationships that empower, protect and expand our client’s interests. Each legal matter presents a unique challenge that we will help you overcome. In order to serve your needs best, we focus our practice areas on estate planning and business law. There is no legal matter too big or small for us to handle and we will diligently work on your behalf to help you achieve your objectives. Call us today at (636) 386-8322 to speak with an attorney or schedule an appointment.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    A successful estate plan minimizes estate taxes, avoids probate, protects your well-being and provides for your loved ones.

  • Business Law

    Business Law

    Through our business legal services, we protect, defend and empower your business to achieve your goals.

  • Wills


    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Will Attorney At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, an estate planning attorney works with you to create a will that accurately reflects your wishes as to the distribution of your property upon your death. Through a will, you are able to decide the distribution of your property and name […]

  • Trusts


    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Trust Attorney A trust is one of the most effective estate planning tools because it provides unparalleled flexibility and control over the disposition of your assets. Additionally, trusts avoid the probate process, provide asset protection and are highly effective at minimizing estate taxes. Trusts come in many different […]

  • Powers Of Attorney

    Powers Of Attorney

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Missouri Power of Attorney All estate plans should contain power of attorney documents because they provide you with substantial protection during your life. Durable Financial Powers of Attorney and Durable Health Care Powers of Attorney are utilized most frequently but different variations exist. Durable powers of attorney are […]

  • Living Wills

    Living Wills

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Living Will Attorney A Living Will expresses your wishes regarding life-prolonging treatment in the event you are unable to make such decisions due to your incapacity. Additionally, a Living Will allows you to choose the life-prolonging procedures that you want utilized or withheld. Each person views life-prolonging treatment […]

  • Probate and Trust Administration

    Probate and Trust Administration

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Probate Attorney It is always an extremely difficult time for everyone involved when a loved one passes away. Not only are the emotions running high, but also the challenge of trying to wrap up one’s life affairs can only heighten the stress associated with the death. At Bolinger […]

  • Non Probate Transfers

    Non Probate Transfers

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Non Probate Transfer Attorney One of the simplest ways to avoid the probate process is to utilize non probate transfers via beneficiary designations and different forms of property ownership. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, we create and execute plans to transfer property without the property passing through the […]

  • Asset Protection

    Asset Protection

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Asset Protection Attorney Failing to adequately protect your assets subjects those assets to claims arising from creditors, potential litigation and judgments. Business owners, business professionals and property owners need to institute a plan to protect and safeguard their assets from such claims. With such a litigious society that […]

  • Probate and Trust Litigation

    Probate and Trust Litigation

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Probate and Trust Litigation Attorney The administration of a will or a trust can lead to contentious disputes among loved ones. Often times, an underlying rift among family members comes to fruition once a loved one passes away. Whether it be a will contest or an issue involving […]

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships

    Guardianships and Conservatorships

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney Dealing with the incapacity of a loved one is an extremely challenging time that can leave you feeling helpless. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, we understand your burden and work with you to make sure that your loved one has the necessary support system […]

  • Formation / Entity Selection

    Formation / Entity Selection

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Missouri Business Formation Attorney Starting a business is an exciting challenge that requires proper planning to avoid future headaches. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the correct liability limiting entity at the beginning so you can avoid later problems. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, we understand those challenges […]

  • Litigation


    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Business Litigation Attorney At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC we understand the uneasiness and apprehension associated with the prospects of litigation and that is why we provide quality business and commercial litigation services to protect, defend and enforce your rights. When reaching an amicable resolution outside of the courtroom […]

  • Contract Drafting / Review / Negotiation

    Contract Drafting / Review / Negotiation

    Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Contract Attorney One of the easiest ways to protect your business is to put agreements and contracts into writing. Not only does it provide guidance if an issue later arises, but it also specifies each parties rights and duties under the agreement. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC we […]

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