Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Missouri Business Formation Attorney

Starting a business is an exciting challenge that requires proper planning to avoid future headaches. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the correct liability limiting entity at the beginning so you can avoid later problems. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, we understand those challenges and work with you to form the proper entity based on the goals for your business. When looking at entity formation, it is important to recognize and implement decisions based on an informed understanding of the potential tax, liability and operations issues so that your business starts with a solid foundation. We recognize the importance of starting on the right path, so we explain, recommend and form different entities to let you hit the ground running. We help form C Corporations, S Corporations, various partnerships, and limited liability companies. No matter the size of your business, Bolinger Law Firm, LLC will assist you in selecting the appropriate entity for your company in order to foster its long-term success. Furthermore, various filings are required for each kind of entity so we organize and set-up your business in accordance with state and federal law.

Additionally, when beginning a business it is important to institute a governing document that details the business’ operating and ownership structure. We personally tailor the governing documents to fit your needs and accomplish your goals. Adopting a governing document, such as corporate by-laws, a partnership agreement, or an operating agreement, enables the efficient operation of your business and details the relationships amongst the parties involved. The utilization of a governing document provides structured decision-making and relief for grievances, while also specifying the rights and obligations each party. Additionally, the governing documents serve as an agreement among the business participants regarding transfer of ownership, dissolution, division of profits and losses, and how the business is managed. We will diligently work to properly organize and structure your business to enable your business’ long-term growth and success. Call us today at (636) 386-8322 to speak with a St. Louis business attorney or to schedule an appointment.