Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Contract Attorney

One of the easiest ways to protect your business is to put agreements and contracts into writing. Not only does it provide guidance if an issue later arises, but it also specifies each parties rights and duties under the agreement. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC we draft, negotiate and review contracts for you so that you are empowered to enter into agreements with a complete understanding of the terms, conditions and obligations arising under the contract. Our approach to assessing and implementing contracts involves gaining a better understanding of your business so that we can include provisions limiting the various risks and potential liabilities that may specifically affect your business. Additionally, we will negotiate contracts your behalf so all contingencies are accounted for and your best interests are accommodated. We want to enable your business’ success, so we take the time to completely understand the numerous considerations and create provisions expressly limiting potential areas of liability. Call us today at (636) 386-8322 to speak with a St. Louis contract attorney or schedule an appointment. Below are a few of the contracts that we can create, review or negotiate for you.

– Buy Sell Agreements
– Non Disclosure Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements
– Purchase Contracts
– Sales Contracts
– Business Succession Planning
– Operating Agreements
– Shareholder Agreements
– Lease Agreements
– Real Estate Deeds
– Releases and Waivers

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a contract formed?

For the basis of any contract, the three elements necessary for a binding agreement are an offer, acceptance and consideration. Although contracts should be in a signed writing, this is not always the case, so a verbal agreement not memorialized in a writing can become the basis of a later lawsuit. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, the necessary form of the offer, acceptance and consideration can vary dramatically. Therefore, it is important to speak with a St. Louis business attorney so that you can understand the ways you can protect your rights and determine whether you have a binding agreement.