Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the activity of planning out how you want your belongings to be handled after you pass. Our professional lawyers will provide expertise and legal advice during this process. That way, they can help you by carrying out your wishes. It can be difficult to look at passing and leaving your things to others. But remember, you don't want your family to have to do it for you after you depart. During the grieving process, the last thing you or your family needs is to find out that the estate is not in order and there are no funds available in the immediate future. Help avoid the stress, confusion and uncertainty of leaving your estate to family and friends. Protect your loved ones. Create an estate plan today with the Bolinger Law Firm in St. Louis.

Which type of estate plan may best serves you? What are your needs? During the free consultation, we get to know you and learn how best to handle your estate. We will show you compassion and always give straightforward communication. We simplify the process and guide you through the actions of generating a new estate plan. Also, let us know if you need to update an existing one. If you are currently in a probate situation, we can counsel you on that as well.

Estate Planning Made Simple

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Protect Your Loved Ones

At Bolinger Law Firm in St. Louis, our caring estate planning attorney is your advocate. Our team will design a custom estate plan that fits your goals and needs and protects your loved ones.

We also provide thorough explanations and an open dialogue about the many estate planning options, like having a medical directive or living will, a regular will and/or trust, power of attorney, charitable giving and asset protection, probate administration and non-probate transfers, how to minimize your estate taxes, and so much more.

Estate Plan Facilitation

If you already have an estate plan in place and need an attorney to see that your living will is honored and that your estate is protected and legally apportioned, we do that too. Our goal is to help in any way we can at this most difficult time.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning includes legally protecting your assets and loved ones in the event that you become medically incapacitated or pass away. The purpose of an estate plan, which usually includes several different legally-binding documents, is to efficiently transfer your assets to your loved ones, protect your family from creditors, allow them to continue living in a manner that they are used to, as well as avoid complicated and drawn-out legal battles


The Importance of an Estate Plan

Thinking about dying is unpleasant, so it is easy to overlook or postpone estate planning. However, if you should become ill and incapacitated or worse – meet death – the failure to have an estate plan could burden your loved ones with significant time/work loss, potentially losing their home, stressful hassles, intimidating court appointments, and extensive costs, adding to their already deep emotional sorrow.

If you have an estate plan and suddenly become incapacitated or pass away, your estate – homes, vehicles, jewelry, heirlooms, college funds, and even minor belongings – may avoid being tied up in probate for months or even years at great expense to the family and/or heirs.  With an estate plan:

  • Your family will most likely be able to pay the mortgage and other bills while avoiding probate, possible foreclosure, and creditors putting liens on assets.
  • Possessions of yours will go to the people you want to have them rather than court-appointed heirs.
  • Financial affairs can remain private – probate proceedings become public record.
  • You can nominate who you want to raise your children under the age of 18, rather than the court solely determining the guardian of your minor children.

In Missouri, if you die without any sort of estate planning (i.e. a will, a trust, or non-probate transfers), you are considered to have died “intestate” (which essentially means without a will). Your property will pass through probate and may go to the state of Missouri.

Probate & Trust Administration

At Bolinger Law Firm in St. Louis, our experienced probate and trust attorney recommends establishing a trust as part of an estate plan to simplify administration and distribution upon death, lessen the chances of probate, and lower the potential expenses to those who inherit.

Trust administration is typically handled outside of the court system with more privacy and ease, though there may be times of dispute, in which case, we work on your behalf to settle the estate with the utmost expediency and understanding.

When Should I Get An Estate Plan?

You may think you’re too young to have an estate plan, but if you’re starting your working life, have a family and/or dependent children, own a home, or have investments or assets, it’s never too soon. Life is unpredictable – having an attorney who can help you draw up an estate plan, grow with you and make changes as life changes, and be your advocate when you need it most, offers peace of mind and security.

We always feel honored when you put your trust in us to help you make these important emotional, medical, and financial planning decisions. Set your mind at ease – create an estate plan today and rest easier knowing your wishes will be met and that your family’s future is secure.

Free Estate Planning Consultation

Estate planning can feel overwhelming – that’s why we’re here for you. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with an array of options for you and your family.

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