Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you buying or being absorbed by another company? The importance of a merger and acquisition transaction to your operational development and/or restructuring goals is immense. It can also be time-consuming and disruptive to your entire business. This is a perfect time to partner with an M & A attorney from Bolinger Law Firm in St. Louis. When going through the company consolidation process, we understand what a massive undertaking this is for you and your business, that’s why we carefully focus on understanding you and your goals and assess the various risks unique to your situation.

Even before a consolidation happens, there are legal considerations to be addressed and agreements that may need to be drafted, such as confidentiality, non-disclosure, employee, or broker agreements. Each of the various options for merging or acquiring a business requires strategic planning and legal due diligence by an experienced M&A attorney, like Bolinger Law.

The Legal Process of a Merger & Acquisition

There are many complex legal steps involved in a merger or acquisition, each requiring knowledge and efficiency to make the transaction successful without creating profitability issues or undesirable outcomes during the transition. The following are some of the steps involved and information that must be handled with legal documentation.


  • Due diligence needs to be performed to maximize the value of the company up until closing. This includes governance documentation, financial liabilities, capitalization schedules, tax information, operating information, customers and vendors, personnel and labor relations, payroll and benefits, real property, intellectual property, research and development, contractual rights and obligations, and other special considerations.
  • Corporate governance is incorporated with documents, bylaws, minutes from board meetings, shareholder materials, business locations, changes in control, corporate reorganization, stock transfer ledger, organizational charts, policy manuals and corporate codes of conduct, press releases, and bank accounts.
  • Anti-trust Laws – in the United States, proposed M&A transactions that are over a certain size are reviewed by governmental agencies to prevent anticompetitive effects, such as creating a monopoly.
  • Real estate: transactions can include multiple locations, leases, tenants, and resale value.
  • Taxation: evaluate and structure the deal to maximize tax-preferred outcomes and avoid heavy tax-loads.
  • Stock purchases in an acquisition occur when the acquirer buys shares of the target company.
  • Asset purchases: the acquirer buys some or all assets of the target company, such as equipment, vehicles, stock, inventory, or facilities.
  • Agreements and contracts: the list of potential agreements and contracts can be long and varied depending on the companies involved and the intricacies of the M&A.

Why Bolinger Law St. Louis

As you can see, mergers and acquisitions transactions impact everything from financials, securities, taxes, antitrust, real estate, employees and their benefits, intellectual property and trade secrets, governmental and industry compliance, and your personal future. An M&A can even have an impact on customers. It’s one of the most important business transactions you’ll ever be a part of and it needs to be handled 100% correctly.

At Bolinger Law Firm, we regularly represent both purchasers and sellers, and have experience leading and coordinating merger and acquisition transactions. We work closely with your entire team, including your financial advisors and other professionals, to help make the deal go smoothly, even during some of the most complicated aspects of the merger.

Business Law and M&A Attorney

When considering a merger or acquisition, you and your company can benefit greatly from our teamwork, experience, and attention to detail, from the preparation stage and the initial negotiations to closing, and everything in between.

We also specialize in other areas of business law, such as contract drafting, review, and negotiations, litigation, formation and entity selection, and commercial real estate, and can be your legal advocate in many areas.

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