Bolinger Law Firm, LLC – St. Louis Business Litigation Attorney

At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC we understand the uneasiness and apprehension associated with the prospects of litigation and that is why we provide quality business and commercial litigation services to protect, defend and enforce your rights. When reaching an amicable resolution outside of the courtroom is not feasible, pursuing litigation can be the only avenue to get a determination of each party’s rights. At Bolinger Law Firm, LLC, we believe that the best way to serve you is to fully discuss the impending matter, provide you with different courses of action, and then proceed as your aggressive advocates in a cost-effective and thorough manner. We provide aggressive representation in the courtroom to protect your interests while promoting the prosperity of your business. Our goal is to reach the desired outcome while keeping you informed of the latest developments in your case. Call us today at (636) 386-8322 to speak with a St. Louis business litigation attorney or schedule an appointment. We litigate cases including, but not limited to:

– Governance Disputes
– Breach of Contract
– Breach of Fiduciary Duty
– Evictions
– Fraud
– Uniform Commercial Code Disputes